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Is Anybody Listening? Voter Apathy on Climate Change

American media should be ashamed! Here we are, facing an unparalleled survival crisis, yet the absence of climate change from Thursday’s Democrat debate. (No opportunity for discussing the Green New Deal.) Then there is the apathy of many Americans. Three … Continue reading

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You have every right to be afraid!

Many of us rightfully fear a Trump presidency for what it may mean for the welfare of our citizenry and nation. Will Affordable Health Care (AHC) and Medicare be on the chopping block? If you’re an undocumented immigrant, will Trump … Continue reading

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Macdonald’s H is for Hawks: Finding Passage

The archaeology of grief is not ordered. It is more like earth under a spade turning up things you had forgotten, surprising things come to light: not simply memories, but states of mind, emotions, older ways of seeing the world. … Continue reading

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Saving Spring’s Envoys: Our Vanishing Birds

We take for granted that birds in the millions returning from their winter feeding grounds in Central and South America will make it back to nest and mate in our yards each spring. The rude reality, however, paints a scenario … Continue reading

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Lexington, KY: Reflections on My Old Kentucky Home

I count myself fortunate to live near Lexington, KY. Its assets are many; its liabilities, few. I like its small town feel—no row housing here; no factories puffing their toxins into the air. Though ranked 61 among American cities, currently … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Supreme Court’s EPA Rebuff

This has been a busy time for America’s highest court, with gargantuan issues–gay marriage, Obama Care, and approval of a controversial capital punishment drug, cases decided by razor thin majorities. No less important, perhaps the most impacting of all, is … Continue reading

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BEE Alert

Recently I posted about the plight of butterflies, especially that aerial tiger, the monarch butterfly. I mentioned that I’m trying to certify our backyard as a way station. But while I’m at it, bees also play a vital role in … Continue reading

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On Reading E. O. Wilson’s The Meaning of Human Existence

I finished reading E. O. Wilson’s remarkable book, The Meaning of Human Existence, two weeks ago and am now finally getting to tell others why I like it so much. For one thing, I admire its author, an eminent, cerebral … Continue reading

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Expanding the energy portfolio: Utilities awaken

Every month our local power cooperstive, Blue Grass Energy, sends us its superbly put together magazine, Kentucky Living, filled with helpful tips on home maintenance, gardening, recipes, recommended books, regional activities, events, etc. With all its feel good staples, it’s … Continue reading

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After we Murder Nature, then What?

After we murder Nature, then what? I know some of you may think this a dubious assumption as to possibility, and I would be among you–that is, until recently. As is, Nature has atrophied and we live increasingly in asphalt environments, … Continue reading

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