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American Sniper: Anatomy of a Mauling

There’s been heavy flak, to say the least, over Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster film, American Sniper. It started with film director Michael Moore’s take on snipers as “cowards” who shoot people in the back.” Others soon piled on, like Seth Rogen, … Continue reading

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Aldoran’s Solamente Tu (Only You)

This song, though in another language, compels me to listen, and even when I don’t try to, it whirls through my head, refusing to go away. And I prefer it this way. I’m writing of Pablo Aldorán’s Solamente Tú. Alborán, … Continue reading

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Maleficent: a must see movie!

“No society treats its women as well as its men.” UN Development Programme, 1997) There’s a new movie I’m wanting to see. It’s called Maleficent and stars Angelina Jolie. It’s timely because it’s really about rape, which has now entered … Continue reading

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Will tablets replace your TV? The new frontier of online video

Just came across an interesting piece in the Economist  (November 9, 2013) on the growing popularity of online video in China that threatens TV.  In fact, a recent Chinese government reports says that only 30% of Beijing households watched TV … Continue reading

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Doesn’t get better than this

Karen and I saw Argo yesterday, the film about the ingenuous CIA-Canadian rescue of the six Americans holed up in the Canadian ambassador’s Tehran residence in the aftermath of the seizure by Iranian militant students of 52 of their fellows … Continue reading

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The Harry Nilsson legacy

Everbody’s talkin at meI don’t hear a word they’re sayingOnly the echoes of their mind People stopping staringI can’t see their facesOnly the shadows of their eyes I’m going where the sun keeps shiningThrough the pouring rainGoing where the weather … Continue reading

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