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Same Sun Here

Dear River, I cannot tell from your name if you are a boy or girl so I will write to you like you are a human being. The above comes from a book I’ve been reading for middle grade children, … Continue reading

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Expanding the energy portfolio: Utilities awaken

Every month our local power cooperstive, Blue Grass Energy, sends us its superbly put together magazine, Kentucky Living, filled with helpful tips on home maintenance, gardening, recipes, recommended books, regional activities, events, etc. With all its feel good staples, it’s … Continue reading

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The UN Panel Report on Global Warming: Is anyone Listening?

If you’ve been keeping up with news about the environment, you’re perhaps aware of this week’s biggest news event, not the elusive search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, or the status quo of Ukraine, or the achieved pinnacle of 7 … Continue reading

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Fall Fever in Kentucky

Autumn carries more gold in its pockets than all the other seasons.  (Jim Bishop) Of all the seasons in Kentucky, I like fall best with its myriad days bathed in soft light, keeping company with tepid warmth and gentle breezes … Continue reading

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Cajun Music: Addictive!

I like to work out daily on our elliptical machine, or at least 5 times weekly for 30 minutes a session.  It beats taking a vigorous walk in often hot and humid Kentucky for up to an hour.  In contrast,  … Continue reading

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Where are the songs of Spring?

Saw a sign yesterday that read, “Spring is coming soon.”  That’s something we’re all wondering about, even in Kentucky, where we’ve been having an unusually cold March, which makes it hard to believe the Kentucky Derby is merely six weeks … Continue reading

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A new rhythm that imperils: reflections on global warming

We owe our existence to it, yet we give it little heed, since it’s always there for us.  In my science classes we called it natural law, the material rules of nature that lie behind the structure and behavior of … Continue reading

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