Introducing my hummingbird friends…

They return every April to our Kentucky backyard, survivors of a 3000 journey from Central America, which includes a non-stop 500 mile flight across the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a journey my hummingbird friends will repeat again, returning in fall to their winter feeding grounds. Knowing of their imminent arrival, I had faithfully set out our bright red hummingbird feeder in mid-April. For some reason, … Continue reading Introducing my hummingbird friends…

Macdonald’s H is for Hawks: Finding Passage

The archaeology of grief is not ordered. It is more like earth under a spade turning up things you had forgotten, surprising things come to light: not simply memories, but states of mind, emotions, older ways of seeing the world. –Helen Macdonald, H is for Hawk I’ve finished reading Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk and want to weigh in on it like someone who’s … Continue reading Macdonald’s H is for Hawks: Finding Passage

Monarch Butterflies: Beleaguered Friends

Spring is for tidying and trying out new ideas. This spring I’m bent on turning the back yard into a pollinator’s paradise and bird sanctuary. In particular, I want to get it certified as a waystation for my beleaguered garden companion, the monarch butterfly. Butterflies, like so many of nature’s creatures, are facing tough times. Unless you and I get involved, these tiger emissaries of … Continue reading Monarch Butterflies: Beleaguered Friends

Jung, Archetypes, and A Parrot: The Legacy of Nature’s Genius

I’ve just finished Joanna Burger’s The Parrot That Owns Me: The Story of a Relationship. Funny, I had this book sitting on my shelf, unread, for twelve years. Looking for something to read while eating my breakfast, I pulled it down and started what turned out to be a fun read. I also learned a great deal about birds and, especially about parrots, surely one … Continue reading Jung, Archetypes, and A Parrot: The Legacy of Nature’s Genius

Where are the songs of Spring?

Saw a sign yesterday that read, “Spring is coming soon.”  That’s something we’re all wondering about, even in Kentucky, where we’ve been having an unusually cold March, which makes it hard to believe the Kentucky Derby is merely six weeks away.  They say it may be related to melting glaciers changing our wind patterns. But the real sign nature is about to turn generous was … Continue reading Where are the songs of Spring?