Monarch Butterflies: Beleaguered Friends

Spring is for tidying and trying out new ideas. This spring I’m bent on turning the back yard into a pollinator’s paradise and bird sanctuary. In particular, I want to get it certified as a waystation for my beleaguered garden companion, the monarch butterfly. Butterflies, like so many of nature’s creatures, are facing tough times. Unless you and I get involved, these tiger emissaries of … Continue reading Monarch Butterflies: Beleaguered Friends

Pacific Grove and its Monarch butterflies

For all its ever burgeoning population and high cost of living, I think California still offers a lot of good living away from the crowds in small towns hugging its pristine coast, offering the surf swish of blue Pacific ocean, cradling mountains that often walk down to the sea like in Big Sur country and, of course, the soothing warmth of year-round sunny days with … Continue reading Pacific Grove and its Monarch butterflies