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Scrubbing George Washington from History: Who’s Next?

Just a few days ago comes news that a San Francisco school district is mulling getting rid of a series of murals honoring our first president because a commissioned working group alleges it’s traumatizing students. Imagine my surprise that founding … Continue reading

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What Being Centered Really Means

True peace is achieved By centering And blending with life (Tao 22). You hear a lot about being centered, but just what is it? The ancient Greeks advocated “the golden mean,” or middle way. Roman writer Vergil based his Aeneid on … Continue reading

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Wise words from George Washington on government spending

Just moments ago I finished reading George Washington’s Farewell Address (1796), and I’m glad I did. While its language may be steeped in 18th century formality, it remains a sobering speech in its prescient wisdom. Had Congress over the years … Continue reading

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