Perhaps Someday We Will Learn How to Live

Every morning I awaken to a country bristling with hate, intolerance, and violence.  Trump bullied his way to the presidency, exploiting public anxieties, e. g., steel belt resentment of jobs sent abroad, latent fears of a changing demographic replacing White homogeneity, evangelical rancor against abortion, and Islamaphobia, which sees every Muslim as a potential terrorist. Trump pledged he’d limit Muslim immigration and reduce refugee numbers.   … Continue reading Perhaps Someday We Will Learn How to Live

What Being Centered Really Means

True peace is achieved By centering And blending with life (Tao 22). You hear a lot about being centered, but just what is it? The ancient Greeks advocated “the golden mean,” or middle way. Roman writer Vergil based his Aeneid on Pietas, or something akin to self-control. Perhaps drawing on his Hellenic education, St. Paul advised moderation in all things. Excess is always dangerous in any … Continue reading What Being Centered Really Means