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Dickinson Revisits Keats: “I Died for Beauty”

I died for Beauty–but was scarce Adjusted in the Tomb When One who died for Truth was lain In an adjoining room He questioned softly “Why I failed”? “For beauty”, I replied– “And I–for truth–Themself are One We brethren, are”, … Continue reading

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Christina Rossetti’s “After Death”: Her unction to the living

  I have always liked the poetry of Christina Rossetti, Victorian England’s foremost female poet. Poetry ran in her genes. Her maternal grandfather had been a poet and translator; and, of course, so was her more famous brother, Dante Gabriel … Continue reading

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The Joy of fellowship with Nature

One of the best hobbies I’ve ever come upon is that of being an amateur naturalist.  It needn’t be expensive and you can do it in your own yard or on a walk or, believe it or not, from a … Continue reading

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On living with ambiguity

Those of you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will recall that its end letter comes down to either a P or a J, denoting perception vs judgment modalities.  P types can tolerate, if not thrive on, open-ended movies.  Conversely, … Continue reading

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The Smile that Hides the Soul

I have a number of books that supposedly clue you into discerning the personalities of people based on their physical gestures, things like hands on hips,  the turned up corners of the mouth, the wrinkling of the forehead or lifting … Continue reading

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Of Emily Dickinson and Spring Blooms

The opening and the Close Of Being, are alike Or differ, if they do, As Bloom upon a Stalk–(1089) I’ve always liked Emily Dickinson’s poetry.  She has this pithy way of putting things in a few, well-chosen words; a prism … Continue reading

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