My Love Affair with Vermont

I can’t say how it began, but I know I’ve always had this love affair with Vermont, even though I’ve never lived there.  I suspect it has a lot to do with its mountain greenery, since I’ve always been partial to mountains, those silent sentries walling out an octane world fulsome with pursuit and possession, safeguarding neat valleys of Yankee towns and villages anchored by … Continue reading My Love Affair with Vermont

Of Emily Dickinson and Spring Blooms

The opening and the Close Of Being, are alike Or differ, if they do, As Bloom upon a Stalk–(1089) I’ve always liked Emily Dickinson’s poetry.  She has this pithy way of putting things in a few, well-chosen words; a prism mind that turns things over for a thorough look; a quiet defiance that goes its own way with surprisingly modern skepticism;  a willingness to break … Continue reading Of Emily Dickinson and Spring Blooms