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Oliver Sacks’ Ambivalence on Living in the Digital Age

There isn’t anything I enjoy more in a stress-laden world than a time-out for a good read. Books lend me a purview of how others experience life, lending sagacity and connection with my fellows. Books teach me that I’m not … Continue reading

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My Best Reads for 2015

My thirst for good reads continued in 2015, and among them, two stand out for special praise in providing me with pleasure, insight, and continuing reflection. (I’ve reviewed both more fully elsewhere in Brimmings.) Fiction:   John Williams. Stoner (New York … Continue reading

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Dream Rummaging

We dream–it is good we are dreaming– It would hurt us–were we awake. Emily Dickinson Freud in his London office (1939) Do you dream a lot? I know I do. Incessantly. I dream more now that I’ve gotten older, abetted … Continue reading

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Oliver Sacks: Medicine’s Laureate

I find every patient I see, everywhere, vividly alive, interesting and rewarding; I have never seen a patient who didn’t teach me something new.  Or stir in me new feelings and new trains of thought. –Oliver Sacks I’ve just finished … Continue reading

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