My Best Reads for 2015

My thirst for good reads continued in 2015, and among them, two stand out for special praise in providing me with pleasure, insight, and continuing reflection. (I’ve reviewed both more fully elsewhere in Brimmings.) Fiction:   John Williams. Stoner (New York Review of Books Classics) My choice is probably subliminal and inevitable, as not since David Copperfield have I identified with a fictional character so fully … Continue reading My Best Reads for 2015

Artemis Cooper’s Fermor Biography: A Great Read

I just finished Artemis Cooper’s splendid biography (Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure). Fermor, who died in 2011 at age 96,  is widely regarded as the foremost travel writer of the last century–ever observant, never boring, blessed with diligent recall, and unexcelled with metaphor.  When you read Fermor, you’re getting not only description, but history and art amid the first stirrings of fascism in pre-World War … Continue reading Artemis Cooper’s Fermor Biography: A Great Read