Oliver Sacks: Medicine’s Laureate

I find every patient I see, everywhere, vividly alive, interesting and rewarding; I have never seen a patient who didn’t teach me something new.  Or stir in me new feelings and new trains of thought. –Oliver Sacks I’ve just finished Oliver Sack’s recently published autobiography, On the Move: a Life. Better, I devoured it. Medicine has always interested me, and I read a lot of … Continue reading Oliver Sacks: Medicine’s Laureate

Internet Ghouls Among Us: The Robin Williams Aftermath

I haven’t any doubt that the vast majority of us mourn the tragic death of Robin Williams, who brought laughter into our hearts and with it, wisdom too. And yet there are always a few, the ghouls  I call them, who surface in such tragedies to verbally vandalize our grief with mindless, and often, acerbic commentary. Recently a bicyclist was killed here in Lexington KY … Continue reading Internet Ghouls Among Us: The Robin Williams Aftermath