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Pre-diabetic musings

I got a rude awakening last week. I had taken just maybe my most comprehensive blood test ever. Disturbingly, my A1C was 5.9, although my fasting glucose was 96. I’ve known for two years I’m pre-diabetic, but 5.9 is a … Continue reading

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Say it isn’t so: Fast foods in hospitals

A McDonald’s in a hospital cafeteria? Say it isn’t so! According to McDonald’s, it has 27 franchises In hospitals. One of them is in the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, in the top tier for treating heart disease and former home … Continue reading

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Combating the new global killers

The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has just announced that heart and lung disease, cancer, and diabetes are responsible for 63% of deaths globally. That surpasses the former number one killer, infectious diseases. WHO attributes the high mortality to largely … Continue reading

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