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A Life-Changing Quotation

Every once in a while, I come across a quotation that really stands out. I like this one, though I don’t recall exactly where, or when or how I came upon it, but thought you might like it too: Did … Continue reading

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Islam: The Hi-Jacking of a Faith

We are stunned by what’s happened in France. Thursday, twelve people assassinated by two French jihadists at publisher Charlie Hebdo in Paris and a policewoman killed elsewhere. Yesterday, the three terrorists killed, along with four hostages. In their assault on … Continue reading

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On Reading E. O. Wilson’s The Meaning of Human Existence

I finished reading E. O. Wilson’s remarkable book, The Meaning of Human Existence, two weeks ago and am now finally getting to tell others why I like it so much. For one thing, I admire its author, an eminent, cerebral … Continue reading

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When Religion Strays too Far: The Hobby Lobby Aftermath

It’s sufficiently dismaying that the Supreme Court via its Hobby Lobby decision has further defined corporate entities as people, and thus with inherent individual rights. Not only do corporations have unlimited spending rights when it comes to elections, but with … Continue reading

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