Against all odds

Despite the disasters that happen so frequently these days, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes, there often exist those aspects of courage, kindness, and the miraculous where, even against all odds, perseverance wins out and the heart is warmed and inspired.  We sometimes forget, however, that animals also suffer in these calamities, made worse by their dependency.  Surviving, they oten find themselves without their human families, with slow starvation or death by exposure their ultimate prospect. A lucky few, all too few, find rescue through dedicated teams of animal relief organizations.  And a very few make it on their own.  Let me share with you by way of You Tube the story of a little terrier in Alabama who did just that, becoming a symbol of hope for human sufferers as well. 

Author: RJ

Retired English prof (Ph. D., UNC), who likes to garden, blog, pursue languages (especially Spanish) and to share in serious discussion on vital issues such as global warming, the role of government, energy alternatives, etc. Am a vegan and, yes, a tree hugger enthusiastically. If you write me, I'll answer.

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