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About Me


Retired English prof (Ph. D., UNC) who enjoys blogging; Twitter; studying languages, especially Spanish.  I’m drawn to positive, compassionate people who, while earnest, are always tolerant.  Am committed to justice and a better world.  A vegan, I sometimes hug trees!  My intent is to write polished posts, or essays, 2 or 3 times weekly on virtually all subjects, perhaps upgrading or adding individual pages later to focus on some of my favorite interests such as environment, health, and language acquisition.  I try to always write truthfully as I see things, at the same time realizing not everyone’s going to agree, and I’m comfortable with that, knowing another opinion sometimes serves as a helpful corrective.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well sir, I have just read your thoughts about Christina Rossetti, a favourite also of mine. I am always excited when thinking about people, like her, who lived in such a different phase than us and joined to us only by her language. I walk in London, my home, a lot and am charged by the sense of what changes these streets have seen whilst not altering architecturally, just looking down with sleepy eyes. I stood outside her old house yesterday – and took a picture with my phone. Yet she still speaks to me.


  2. Hello sir! How are you? I am just browsing through blogs. Yours intrigued me! I am a recent University of Connecticut graduate with a B.A. in Political Science. I think you would be interested in checking out my article, “Thinking Outside the Fingers; Linguistic Enthusiasm and Cultural Awareness,” at I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for 2013.Take care.


    1. I think I replied to this elsewhere. If this isn’t so, let me know. I appreciate your having stopped in and I did look up your site and liked it very much.



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